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the PERFECT peel™

the PERFECT peel is a revolutionary, new, medium depth chemical skin peel that delivers healthier, younger looking skin in just one week!


the PERFECT peel combines vitamins, minerals, and a blend of TCA, Kojic, Retinoic, Phenol and Salicylic acids, together with a powerful anti-oxidant - Glutathione.

  • Glutathione
    the addition of this powerful anti-oxidant within The Perfect Peel, improves results as it neutralises the harmful effects of Free Radicals slowing down the aging process, helping prevent wrinkles

  • Kojic acid
    lightens skin, increases collagen and elastin production resulting in brighter, tighter skin

  • TCA, Phenol & Retinoic acid
    correct pigmentation and reduce wrinkles

  • Salicylic acid
    reduces inflammation and exfoliates the skin

The Perfect Chemical Skin Peel
Individually, these ingredients are very powerful, but when combined, they produce very impressive results.

the PERFECT peel™  --  Facial Peel Treatment Results

All skin colours are safe to treat with The Perfect Peel, and no pre conditioning is required prior to having a peel. (Patients on Roaccutane must stop usage 3 months prior to treatment)

Before and After Chemical Peel Treatment

Acne & Scarring

The Perfect Peel™  -  Before and After Treatment

After just one treatment overall skin tone and complexion will appear smooth, glowing and fresh. For more severe skin conditions such as melasma or active acne 2-3 peels may be required 4 weeks apart to deliver optimal results.

Before and After The Perfect Peel Treatment


The Perfect Peel™  -  Before and After Treatment

The peel itself takes only 15 minutes in clinic, and along with this, an individual home treatment pack is provided.

Before and After Chemical Peel Treatment


The Perfect Peel™  -  Before and After Treatment

The Perfect Peel is a medical grade skin peel; this means it should only be applied by a trained medical professional.

the PERFECT peel™  --   Treatment Cost

The price for a skin peel treatment is £350.  Please see our Price Guide for a full list of treatment prices.

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