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Consultations are free, unpressured and relaxed, but always thorough. The consultation is where the process begins and is ongoing throughout our clinical association, for we understand that with all patients, needs and requirements change as time moves on. All consultations and treatments are carried out by Karen personally.


Our focus at Karen Lockett Clinics, is to not necessarily offer the cheapest treatment cost, but to provide the best value for money.
A key part in achieving this, is by only using the best quality 'branded' products, sourced from registered and regulated UK pharmacies and medical suppliers - those considered amongst the best in their field. This ensures that all products are 'genuine', with an integrity that can be trusted and relied upon.
By combining Karen's experience, knowledge and skill, with consistency high quality products - the same premium products, the same amounts, the same strengths - no cutting of corners... we aim to deliver the best possible, longer lasting results for our clients, time after time.


Unlike bigger clinics, we do not have to adhere to a fixed list of standardised treatments - these aren’t always the best solution for a patient. Being a smaller clinic, we have the flexibility to tailor treatment packages geared to achieving an optimum result for our clients. Prior to treatment, we provide all the relevant information, and tailor advice specific to your requirements. All costs are discussed prior to treatment, enabling you to make an informed decision in a calm and unhurried atmosphere - not proceeding with treatment if this is your preference.

"Our focus at Karen Lockett Clinics:  deliver the best possible, longer lasting results for our clients....  to provide the best value for money"

Anti-wrinkle treatment - Botox®
area: the forehead,  a pair of crows feet
or the glabella ( frown lines)
1 area £160
2 areas £200
3 areas £250
Platysmal bands (Neck bands) from £200
'Add-ons' at time of treatment 'Bunny lines'
Perioral (upper lip lines)
from £25 each
Botox® for Axillary Hyperhydrosis
(excess underarm sweating)
both underarms from £450
Dermal Fillers
Lip enhancement treatment from £200
Nasolabial fold treatment from £300
Marionette line treatment from £300
Cheek enhancement treatment from £300
Volume replacement treatment from £300
Tear trough - under eye treatment from £350
Skin Boosters
Juvéderm Hydrate®
for under eye hydration
1 x 1 ml syringe £250
course of 3 x 1ml Syringes £650
Restylane Vital® |  Restylane Vital Light® décolletage from £250
hands from £250
face from £250
Profhilo® 2 treatments (4 weeks apart) £500
1 vial £400
2 vials £700
subsequent vials £325
Skin Needling
1 treatment* from £100*
* a course of treatments will usually be required
PDO Thread Lift
Face & Neck lift £2500
Face lift £2000
Neck lift £1000
Chin lift from £500
Brow lift from £300
Eye rejuvenation from £300
Additional areas at initial treatment time from £300
Under chin lift 1 treatment £300
2 treatments £500
Under chin & neck 1 treatment £500
2 treatments £800
Lower face 1 treatment £800
2 treatments £1250
Lower face & under chin 1 treatment £1000
2 treatments £1400
Lower face, chin & neck 1 treatment £1500
2 treatments £1900
1 treatment* from £50*
* a course of treatments will be required
Skin Peels
1 treatment £350
Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners Member