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Marionette Lines | Mouth To Jaw Lines

Lines at the side of the mouth, that extend down from the corners of the mouth toward the chin or jawline, are known in the profession as marionette lines. The name comes from the French word for puppet; if you can imagine a puppet's face then it’s easy to visualise what these lines are.
The marionette lines tend to deepen with age and they give the appearance that one is sad or tired. Some people have a strong tendency to develop marionette lines even at a young age, whereas some people never develop them.

How to get rid of Marionette lines | Mouth to jaw and chin lines?

A dermal filler treatment by injection is the most effective method to treat marionette lines, using products such as Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® or Restylane®. They can also be effectively treated with Sculptra® treatments.

Marionette lines - Before and After

Marionette Lines

Before and After  DERMAL FILLER Treatment
Restylane Treated Marionette Lines - Before and After

Marrionette Lines

Before and After Treatment with RESTYLANE®  Dermal Filler
These patients have also received
glabella & cheek dermal fillers

Improve Jaw-line Definition

Defined Jaw Line - Before and After

Jaw Line Definition

DERMAL FILLER Treatment - Before & After

The use of Dermal Fillers around the mouth area, can also be used to improve a sagging jawline and chin, bringing about a more defined, enhanced jawline.

Around the Mouth and Jaw PDO Thread Lift Treatment

We can also treat the jaw and mouth area with PDO Thread Lifts. Thread lifts can deliver lifted natural results similar to a surgical face lift but are minimally invasive, and are carried out in clinic with almost no down time save the possibility of some minor bruising - please see our dedicated Thread Lift page.

Mouth and Jaw Line Treatment Cost

The price for Marionette line treatment is from £300 dependent on an individual's requirement.
Please see our Price Guide for further information

* In clinic we now offer most dermal filler treatments using cannulas, an exciting new mode of treatment appropriate for most areas of the face, at no extra cost. Our expertise in this procedure offers to clients a very minimal amount of swelling and usually no bruising following treatments, meaning clients can carry on with their everyday lives without having to plan extended ‘down time’.

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