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Anti-wrinkle Treatment by Injection - FAQs & Advice

On this page, we give some advice, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions with regard to Anti-wrinkle | Botox Treatment by injection. If we have not covered a question you have, please do feel free to get in touch - we will be happy to help.

Who can administer Anti-wrinkle Injections (Botox)?

All anti-wrinkle injection products, including Botox®, are prescription only medicines. This means that, only a medically qualified health professional can legally deliver this treatment i.e. either a prescribing nurse (NIP), doctor or cosmetic dentist who has undertaken the recognised training courses and possess the relevant professional and academic qualifications.

A Nurse independent prescriber (NIP) will have undergone extensive post graduate training to enable them to prescribe medicines. The governing body of nurses - the NMC - will not support any nurse who administers a Prescription Only Medicine (POM), who has not first gained the qualification required to prescribe.

Also, an injectable anti-wrinkle product, such as Botox, can only be prescribed for a patient after a FACE-to-FACE consultation has been carried out by the prescriber of that medication i.e. a telephone consultation will NOT suffice.

It is relatively easy to check that a practitioner has the necessary qualifications required to prescribe, and also to administer, an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment product; we cover what to look for, and where to check, on our Finding a Clinic & Practitioner page.

Is Anti-wrinkle treatment | Botox safe?

Yes. Anti-wrinkle injections have been the mainstay of anti-aging treatments, those involving the removal of fine lines and wrinkles, in non-surgical cosmetic medical practice for over 15 years. This in itself speaks for it's safety record, but also, the same product - Botulinum Toxin (BoTox) - has been used in the treatment of certain medical conditions for many years prior to it's cosmetic use.

The 'Botox Gone Wrong' headlines that cause alarm, are invariably either the result of a rogue practitioner's 'bad practice' or due to a practitioner's inexperience and lack of knowledge. Following the basic guidelines on our 'Advice' pages you will help you avoid such issues.

Are there any side-effects to Anti-wrinkle | Botox treatment?

As Botox® is injected into the muscle through the skin, there will be tiny puncture holes, but these heal over in 2-3 hours and are usually invisible to the naked eye.

There may be very slight swelling and some redness at the injection points, but this typically settles in about 30 minutes.

Bruises, if they occur, are typically tiny and usually only at the point of injection. These will fade over a few days, can easily be covered with concealer and do not effect the treatment results.

There are some patients who have been known to suffer transient headaches, itchiness at the injection sites or tenderness, but all possible side effects will be discussed fully during your consultation.

Is Anti-wrinkle treatment | Botox permanent?

No, Botox® is temporary, lasting on average three to six months.

How long will an Anti-wrinkle treatment | Botox treatment last?

As mentioned above, a Botox® treatment would be expected to last on average three to six months. However, response to treatment can vary on factors such as, but not limited to: age, skin integrity and an individual's metabolism.

If required, a review to your treatment can be carried out 2 to 3 weeks after your initial wrinkle reduction treatment.
This will be discussed during pre-treatment consultation with Karen, and a treatment plan will be formulated to include when a follow-up appointment may be appropriate ...

Is a wrinkle reduction | Botox treatment painful?

No, Botox® is not a painful procedure to have done; the needles used are very fine. It may sting very slightly at the time of the injection, but this lasts only 1-2 seconds.

What If I am taking medications?

If you are taking medication, even if they are non-prescription, please inform your practitioner. A detailed medical history will be taken at consultation, where any possible concerns will be covered.

Is ‘down time’ required after a wrinkle reduction treatment?

The majority of treatments carried out at Karen Lockett Clinics have little, or no, ‘down time’ required after treatment. If there is a possible exception to this, it will be discussed at length during consultation.
Aftercare information is provided for you to take away with you, when necessary ...

Please see our Botox Anti-wrinkle Treatment page for lots more information

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