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- Anti-wrinkle Injection Treatments -
Dysport and Azzalure

Dysport® and Azzalure®, are part of the Anti-wrinkle injection product family, of which Botox® is the most famous.

Dysport and Azzalure, like Botox, are both Botulinum Toxin Type A (BtxA) -- a highly purified protein which is naturally occurring. It brings about the relaxation of muscles, and hence the softening of facial lines and wrinkles. This helps to reduce the signs of facial ageing and create a more youthful look. We outline how the anti-aging process of relaxing lines and wrinkles is achieved on our Anti-wrinkle Injections Treatment page.

Dysport or Azzalure?

Dysport and Azzalure are actually identical products, produced by the same company: Ipsen.

So, why have Dysport and Azzalure?

As with Botox, the Dysport injectable treatment was developed in the 1990s to treat neuromuscular disorders, subsequently being used in the UK for many years.

Dysport - anti-wrinkle injection treatments

As the makers of Botox did with Vistabel, so the makers of Dysport have produced Azzalure. Azzalure is effectively Dysport, but 'packaged' in a form which makes it more appropriate for cosmetic use. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved Azzalure for aesthetic use in the UK in 2009. Azzalure has been marketed by Galderma for cosmetic use ever since .

Dysport / Azzalure - vs - Botox / Vistabel

As discussed on the Anti Wrinkle Treatments page, for the client, there should be no real discernable difference in the result between Azzalure and Botox, if administered correctly.

Azzalure - anti-wrinkle injection treatments

However, Azzalure behaves differently to Botox during administration: Azzalure tends to diffuse further from the injection point than Botox. This means that fewer injections may be required, but, the skill of the medical practitioner needs to be greater, in order to ensure that the product does not spread to nearby muscles outside of the target area.

Azzalure contains less protein than Botox. In theory, this should result in the body tending to break Azzalure down more slowly than Botox, and there are some studies that suggest Azzalure does last longer than Botox. From our own experience in clinic, we have found that the results produced by Azzalure do tend to last longer.

How long does Dysport / Azzalure take to work?

Azzalure commonly takes between 24 to 48 hours to start to take effect; the results then develop and peaks at around 2 weeks when the full effects will be seen.

Factors such as, your age, and the strength of your facial muscles, will have an affect on the amount of time it takes for results to be seen.

A follow up appointment can be made after 2 weeks, if necessary, where any slight adjustments will be made if required.

How long does Dysport / Azzalure last?

An Azzalure injection treatment is expected to last on average for 3-4 months; in some individuals, it can last longer.

Are Dysport / Azzalure injections painful?

No, there may be a slight sting at the time of the injection, but this lasts only a second or two: the needles used are very fine.

Dysport / Azzalure side effects

Azzalure treatment injections, may result in some minor side effects, such as: localised tenderness, a small amount of redness or localised swelling, which all normally settle within 30 minutes; occasionally, a very small amount of pinprick bruising; extremely rarely, there may be inflammation or infection.

Post Dysport / Azzalure treatment

Azzalure injections should not require any downtime. On the day of treatment, the main considerations are: keep head-upright for four hours (i.e. most normal daily activities are fine, but no hands and knees scrubbing of the floor!) and no exercising on the day of treatment.

You will be provided with any specific aftercare instructions by your practitioner.

Dysport / Azzalure prices

The price of anti-wrinkle treatment is from £160 - please see our Price Guide for further information

Further advice & FAQs relating to Azzalure, Dysport, and the alternative wrinkle relaxing injection products, is available on our Anti-wrinkle Treatments Information page.

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