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Lip Fillers | Lip Augmentation | Lip Enhancement

Lip fillers are a specialised form of dermal filler treatment, developed specifically for lip augmentation and lip enhancement.

Lip Enhancement - Before and After Photos

Lip Augmentation

Before and After Treatment with Restylane®

Our preferred approach to the technique of lip filler injections, is to:

  • enhance your natural lip shape

  • to support and improve skin condition

  • produce subtle, soft, natural looking results

Lip Fillers -- Treatment

Lip filler  injections within the lip area can produce many enhancements, for instance:

  • providing definition, support and shape to the border of the lips;

  • adding soft volume to thin lips;

  • or perhaps, reinstating volume lost through ageing.

Before and After Lip Filler Treatment

Lip Enhancement

Before and After Lip Filler Treatment

Lip fillers can also used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth area, above and below the lip line.

Please visit our dedicated  Lip fillers  page, for further information on lip filler products and how they can help enhance our natural look.

Lip Filler Treatment Plans

Lip Fillers - Before and After Picture

Lip Filler

Before and After Dermal Filler Treatment

Treatment plans are formulated during your in depth consultation.
Karen will usually treat the lip area with extra caution and patience: build, until the desired results are subtly achieved - subsequent treatments can be added, if required.

Are Lip Filler Injection Painful?

All the  lip fillers  that we use in clinic to treat the various areas of the lips contain lidocaine; this allows us to provide a very comfortable lip treatment experience. These products include Restylane Kysse®, Teosyal Kiss®  and  Juvéderm Volbella®.

Lip Enhancement -- Cost of Treatment

Lip filler treatment is priced from £200 - please see our Price Guide which lists all our treatment prices.

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