Radiesse is a well established dermal filler, with over 2 million packs used since its approval by EU authorities in 2004. It has CE certification which is the European Union Standard for product safety. Radiesse was also approved by the FDA (the American regulatory authority) in 2006.

The cream like texture of Radiesse, stays soft, feels natural, and remains in place for many months to years providing long lasting, immediately effective results

Radiesse is biodegradable and therefore not a permanent implant and so treatments delivered over time can be tailored to the ever changing aesthetic facial requirements of our clients.

The calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres of which Radiesse is composed occur naturally in human tissue, so Radiesse is therefore biocompatible, meaning that an allergy test prior to treatment is not required.

Once injected into the dermis Radiesse forms a scaffold within the skin, pushing up contour deficits providing a lifting effect, whilst at the same time the calcium microspheres stimulate your own collagen production providing support and volume to, cheeks, jaw lines, and chins; it also offers a wonderfully effective treatment solution for ageing hands where veins and bones can become increasingly visible, so restoring a plumper more youthful appearance.

RADIESSE® – effective in many areas



We can subtly lift your eyebrows to make your eyes appear more open and fresh


Hollow temples can be filled out to give your face a fuller, healthier appearance

Cheek/Hollow Cheek

Regardless of how good our genes are, all types of skin eventually lose tone, proportions shift and volume reduces. Cheeks sink slowly downwards, the chin loses definition and the face becomes broader towards the bottom. The result is that the ‘V’ shape of the youthful face slowly turns upside down and our age becomes increasingly visible – regardless of how young we feel.

Treatments with Radiesse can reinstate the ‘V’ effect of the younger face, inclusive of the effective reinstating of lost volume in sunken cheeks.


Volume in the cheekbone strengthens the ’V’ shape of the face and shapes a youthful appearance


With small amounts of volume we can help restore the fullness and smoothness of the earlobes

Nasolabial Folds

The folds between the nose and corner of the mouth, also known as the ‘laugh lines’, are often the most noticeable lines. They can be filled out easily, giving you a fresher and younger look immediately.

Marionette Lines

These are the lines that go from the corners of the mouth down to the jaw. With the marionette lines filled in, you will gain a more cheerful expression.

Lower Jawline

Defined contours on the lower jaw help to maintain the youthful ‘V’.


Bridge Of The Nose

Nasal imperfections can be reshaped and smoothed out without resorting to surgery.

Chin Fold

A sunken chin can be filled in defining the base of the ‘V’.


By defining the jaw line and strengthening the chin an improved profile can be achieved.

Back Of The Hand

Veins and bones are more clearly visible with age. Retain a youthful appearance with Radiesse by plumping the back of the hands.


To find out more about what Radiesse can offer you, you can go to the website www.radiesse.com or contact us for a free consultation; telephone 0800 019 33 65 or email at mail@karenlockett.com.


Restylane® is an internationally leading product family, of injectable Hyaluronic acid (HA) clear gels, that enhance appearance by restoring the skin’s volume, smoothing away wrinkles, enhancing and shaping lips, defining facial contours and revitalizing the quality of the skin; HA’s are found naturally in our bodies and they bind to water, so enhancing skins elasticity and volume.

The Restylane range of dermal fillers are now one the world’s most tried, tested and documented range of hyaluronic acid fillers and have been on the market for more than 13 years. Restylane was the first hyaluronic acid-based filler to receive Federal Drugs Agency (FDA) approval, and over 11 million Restylane treatments have been carried out worldwide; Restylane is regarded within the aesthetic industry as the benchmark of proven quality, efficacy and safety.


Restylane is a HA gel specifically designed to soften and so reduce the appearance of moderate facial wrinkles and folds by joining forces with your bodies own hyaluronic acid, improving areas such as, nose to mouth, smile lines, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth, and also deeper glabella (frown lines). Restylane is available with the addition of Lidocaine which provides a far more comfortable treatment experience. Treatment times vary, but on average range from 20-30 minutes, results are instant and there is minimal post treatment downtime. There is no allergy/skin testing necessary with the Restylane range as all the products are of natural origin.

Restylane PERLANE

Restylane Perlane is a powerful tool for the shaping of facial contours such as minor to moderate contouring of the cheek or jaw line, along with giving support to mouth corners to treat a ‘sad’ downturned look to the mouth, and for accentuating existing positive facial features.

Restylane LIPP

Restylane Lipp is structured to withstand the strains associated with the full range of oral movements. It provides lip enhancement for an extended period of time.

Restylane SUBQ

Restylane SubQ is designed for volumetric contouring of facial features, providing facial fullness and restoring symmetry.

This treatment is recommended for clients who feel they have lost the fullness they once had in the mid face/cheek area, through weight loss, the loss of mid face volume experienced through the general ageing process, or if purely a more defined cheekbone is desired.

At Karen Lockett Clinics we specialize in the sculpting of the cheek area, as we view the loss of volume in the mid face to contribute greatly to the many effects that aging has upon the face. Our philosophy is, that by treating the cause of the problem, (sagging, deflated cheeks) rather than their effect, (deep nose to mouth lines and a jowly appearance), we are reinstating what nature has, over time eroded, achieving a far more natural look that our clients love.

This is an ideal treatment for those patients who feel facelift surgery or the insertion of permanent cheek implants is unnecessary or a step too far for them at this time.

* Now available ‘Sub Q with Lidocaine’ providing a far more comfortable treatment experience *

The following indications can be treated with the Restylane® range of products.

Upper Face

Frown lines
Glabellar lines
Eye brow
Middle face
Periorbitals lines
Tear trough
Nose, nasial bridge
Cheek augmentation

Lower Face

Nasolabial folds
Perioral lines
Vermilion border
Smile lines
Oral commissures
Lip enhancement
Chin augmentation

Skin Rejuvenation



Restylane VITAL and Restylane VITAL LIGHT

Restylane Vital and Vital Light both restore the hydro balance of the skin, improving skin elasticity and structure, to create a fresh and natural look; they are successfully used to treat areas as diverse as face, hand, neck and décolletage.

As with all Restylane products, the Restylane Vital range can be used in combination for the optimal treatment result.


For over a decade, Botulinum Toxin Type-A has become the cornerstone of anti-ageing treatments in non-invasive cosmetic medical practice; and used to treat certain medical conditions for over 20 years.
The ability to rapidly soften wrinkles caused by facial muscle movement (and in some cases over time, even make them disappear) in a safe non permanent way, has catapulted Botox® to the forefront of rejuvenation therapy.

Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein which is injected into specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them, softening facial expressions, helping to reverse the signs of ageing. There are a variety of Botulinum toxins available to the medical practitioner today, some are Botox®, Vistabel, Azzalure, Dysport, and Bocouture.

Botox®; does not work immediately following treatment, but takes on average 2 to 3 days to start to take effect; it then develops and peaks at around 2 weeks when the full effects will be seen. The speed of action will depend on the strength of your facial muscles. At 2 weeks if required, a follow up appointment will be made where the results of your treatment are checked and any slight adjustments if necessary can be made.

Results last on average 3-4 months, but can last longer in some individuals.


The Juvederm Ultra range of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers is a popular choice to treat lines and wrinkles as it is clinically proven to effectively diminish the signs of ageing, and rehydrate the skin tissue in both women and men.

The Juvederm Ultra range of gels are of a smooth consistency and are the only ones available in a 3D matrix that is robust enough to deliver long lasting results. Depending on the area treated, you can enjoy the benefits for up to a year.

Unlike other dermal fillers, the Juvederm Ultra range is not granular, which means that it is able to flow easily into the skin for a smooth, natural looking and feeling effect.
The inclusion of Lidocaine (a local anaesthetic) in the Juvederm Ultra range means the patient is more comfortable during and after the treatment.

Products in the Juvederm range include:

    o Juvederm HYDRATE - for the improvement of the hydration and elasticity of the skin.
    o Juvederm ULTRA 2, 3 and 4 – to treat medium to deep lines and replace smaller amounts of facial volume loss.
    o Juvederm SMILE – To improve lip definition and volume.
    o Juvederm VOLUMA – To restore facial volume and rebalance facial proportions.


Sculptra is ideal for restoring volume, correcting facial contour defects and increasing dermal thickness.

Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid which is well tolerated, biocompatible and biodegradable, it is synthetically produced and so allergy testing prior to treatment is unnecessary.
It has been used as a polymer in medicine for 25 years and over 10 years in orthopaedic and facial surgery along with the correction of scars and wrinkles.
Sculptra has a low frequency of side effects and has shown to have a good safety profile in clinical trials.

It is an injectable treatment which stimulates your own collagen production over a 4-6 week period. It is not a one off treatment, but a course of treatments consisting of, on average, 3-5 treatments spaced at 4-6 weekly intervals.
Possible side effects are similar to those of other dermal fillers e.g. redness, bruising and tenderness; these will be discussed fully at consultation.

It produces a long lasting natural appearance with results that can last up to 3 years.
The home after care with Sculptra is very specific to the product. It involves regular massaging of the area treated; this will be discussed in full at consultation, and printed after care instructions are provided.